Learn How to Clean your Camera Lens Properly

What’s the best way to clean your lens? With the utmost care! You must not use the edge of your shirt to clean the lens, because you can leave small traces of grit and dirt on the lens and cause scratches. The clarity and sharpness you get in your digital photos depends on the surface of the glass, so it needs to be impeccably clean.

1.Use the Lens Cap!

The first step in cleaning your cameras lens is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place. To keep your lens clean, be sure to put the cap on both front and rear ends of the lens when you are not using it. Eventually though, no matter how much care you take with your lens, you will be required to clean it.

2.Use a Soft Brush


The simplest way to clean your lens is to use compressed air or a soft brush, to get rid of loose dust particles. To clean any kind of smudges or finger prints, you need to fog the lens surface (by exhaling deeply on the lens) and then wipe it down with a clean soft cloth. To remove grease or sticky particles from your lens you should use lens cleaning solution with lens cleaning tissue to swipe away the smear.

3.Cleaning with Solvents


We recommend using photographic lens cleaning cloths and a drop of lens cleaning solution. Wipe in a circular motion to avoid streaking. The cleaning cloth and fluid are also perfect for cleaning any filters that you use on the lens. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow off minor dust, dirt, sand and other visible particles.

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